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Top My Kid Today Products 2014 – February

It’s easy to find products that parents like, and it’s easy to find products that kids like. But finding products that both kids and their parents love can be a chore. Nevertheless, that’s what we set out to find!

We scoured the ‘net and asked our insiders what they recommended. We’re happy to share what we uncovered with you. Here’s our favorite products for kids in the first quarter of 2014…

PRIMO Just Right Bath Water Level - girl in bathPRIMO “Just Right” Bath Water Filler

This product allows you to fill the bathtub with just the right amount of water.

Unfortunately children and water don’t mix too well from a safety perspective. In addition to never leaving a child unattended while they’re being bathed, we recommend using this product, which will make their bathing experience safer for them and more enjoyable for you. At the time of this post, the PRIMO isn’t on the market just yet (it is set to launch in April 2014), but we think it is well worth the wait!

Manufacturer’s Description:

PRIMO’s “Just Right” Bath Water Level makes bath time safer and more convenient than ever! Its simple design takes the guesswork out of measuring and maintaining a safe level of warm bath water in your tub. Made to fit with any standard 1.5” to 2” bath drain, the “Just Right” Bath Water Level can adjust to ensure that bath water does not exceed a maximum depth of either 2” or 4” as determined by the parent. Maintaining this level of water helps to reduce the risk of drowning and leaves plenty of room for your child to splash and play safely. Made from soft and flexible TPE, the “Just Right” Bath Water Level won’t hurt your child even if they sit or slip on to it.

The “Just Right” Bath Water Level is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, and Lead Free.

Made in the USA, been in business since 1994.

Click for more info about the PRIMO Baby Just Right Bath Water Level


DozerRocker-logoDozer Rocker

Turn your carseat into an automated rocker. Let your child enjoy the rocking motion, while you enjoy something else.

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I would have known about this product. This would have allowed me to get so many more things done had I had it while waiting in the airport, having dinner with my family or doing chores around the house. It will definitely be in our arsenal for the next baby!

Manufacturer Description:

Folks use DOZER in all kinds of helpful ways. They use DOZER when they travel, near or far. DOZER helps keep a baby soothed at a restaurant or coffee shop. DOZER helps keep a baby sleeping when you return home from errands. I personally love using DOZER any time I find myself rocking our son in his car seat either with my arm…or tapping my foot. I’m sure you can relate.

Mom and Dad Invented – We invented, patented and developed DOZER out of necessity. It’s low weight and small size makes it so portable. It easily fits into our compact diaper bag. It’s perfect for us and we’re confident it will help you too! Be sure to watch the videos on our home page and share photos of your little ones on our Photo Share tab.

They have a great story about how they started the company on their site.

Dozer Rocker – Buy Now


chalktrailChalktrail Bike Kit

Turning boring pavement into a masterpiece with this bike or scooter accessory. Attach chalk and start moving.

We couldn’t believe how easy this was to use and how much fun it could be to combine two of a child’s most favorite outdoor activities. Go ahead Monet, paint the neighborhood.

Manufacturer Description:

Chalktrail brings the simple, timeless joy of riding a bike or scooter together with the creative expression of decorating the neighborhood streets and sidewalks with bright and colorful chalk.  We like to call this unique combination of outdoor activity and artistic creativity “ARTIVITY”.  It’s one of those products that you instantly get the second you see it.  The concept is beautiful in its simplicity and the play pattern is expressive and fresh.  No bright lights, flashing screens, blaring noises, cords, batteries or internet connections.  Just kids, wheels, chalk, fresh air and fun.

It’s the kind of product that could have been made a half-century ago but, for some inconceivable reason, it wasn’t.

Click here for more information about Chalktrail®


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